Morris Farms -
The walnuts and almonds that Dave and Dolly are selling are really amazing. I have never found anything in any store that compares with the quality, taste and freshness.
Bonnie B. Utah
Dave sells the freshest nuts I have ever tasted. Normally I don't eat walnuts unless added to salads but these are so fresh tasting it's like you crack the shells and eat them. Now I find myself eating a handful two or three times a day. I love the pecans as well and will be increasing my order next year. My dilemma is realizing that I may not have ordered enough due to how fast I'm eating them. Thanks Dave.
Ol'Bob San Diego
It has been a pleasure to be associated with you and your wonderful products. I have loved the freshness and flavor of all the nuts. I personally wished I had purchased more. Thanks so much for having such a wonderful product.
Karen W. Bay Area
My name is Brenda and I am in-charge of the cannery foods and other foods in general that come along for our Ward here in San Jose California. I am a foody person and love to cook with great ingredients.
I want to tell you that in the last two years our Ward had has had the honor to order the wonderful nuts from your farm. I am so thankful that you have nuts without the bromide on them. Many people had no idea that there was preservatives on the nuts from the regular stores. Your nuts have the most fantastic flavor and freshness. It makes anything they are put in that much better. My husband likes the almonds the most (His preference) I like all of the nuts. We used most of those almonds by covering them with dark chocolate. They turned out YUMMY!!! We had the ability to choose from 6 different nuts this year. They were all great. In fact: between last year (our first year to order) and this year our ward ordered 4 times the amount of nuts. Most people ordered at least one bag of each nut. Our order this year was over $2,000.00 worth of nuts. Yes our ward family went "NUTS" about your nuts!! Please keep these fabulous nuts coming every year to us!! Thank you for your hard work and determination to please your buyers!
Brenda A, Utah
I loved the Walnuts and Pecans that I got from the Spanish Fork Utah Christmas Show. I would like to stay in touch and order when your next crop is harvested. Thank you
Dixie A Utah
I have never liked raw nuts until I tried the nuts from Morris Farms. I was amazed! They taste so good with a yummy flavor I never knew existed. The almonds, pecans, and cashews that I bought from the store usually had a bitter taste that could only be made palatable to me if I roasted and salted them. I am so pleased with the freshness and quality of these nuts! Thank you!
Sandi P Utah
I bought walnuts and pistachios from you. They are both delicious. I have not had any cankers from the walnuts. Thanks for having such good quality nuts.
Dorothy Utah
We bought pecans, walnuts and unsalted cashews. We absolutely loved them all, especially wished we had bought more pecans.
Thanks Dave.
Bart & Neva G Utah
Thank you so much for the nuts. A co worker was bragging about the nuts that she purchased at a local Costco until she tasted the one's you sold to me. I tried to talk her into buying some when you came up. She did not want too. She is now on next years list of customers. I wish I had purchased more from you. They don't last long. My daughter called to see if I had any more almonds. The 2 lb bag was gone in lest than a week. I can not tell you Thanks enough. Can't wait till next year. Thanks so much for your quality, customer service, and being there for us here in Utah.
Larna B Utah
Hi Morris Farms
I purchased all the varieties available. Every type of nut was large, flavorful, and fresh tasting. I have purchased from grocery stores where every single purchase ended in rancid, stale, nuts that looked like some kind of reject. I haven't had such fresh walnuts since I was a kid in the 50's living in LA where we had a walnut tree we could pick from. Thanks for all you do to bring goodness to our homes. My husband is into the walnuts daily for health reasons and finds them absolutely worth the wait.
Thanks again,
Janet W CA
The nuts we ordered were soooo good and fresh I had to hide some of them before we ate them all. We made delicious pecan pies, put walnuts in cookies and brownies and ate many by the handfuls.
Shirley W-CA
I bought walnuts and pistachios from you. They are both delicious. I have not had any cankers from the walnuts. Thanks for having such good quality nuts.
Dorothy A-Utah
Dave, I tried a bag of almonds in November of 2011. I was so amazed at what a difference there was between your almonds and the ones I was used to getting at my local grocer. These almonds have enough moisture in them that they aren't too hard to chew, and the flavor is a lot better that store bought almonds. I was so excited to attend the Christmas open house just to see if you would be there and I was thrilled to find you there again. My family has been loving our Almonds and we will be back next year for more!
Marlene M-Utah
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